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AI is replacing everything. Is your favourite blog/news outlet being written by AI?

AI Artist

AI is already writing our content for us.

AI is taking over the internet, and it's not just in the form of witty tweets or cute memes. It's writing our news articles, our blog posts, and even our books—and that's kind of scary. ß We're used to thinking of AI as a tool that can help us do things faster or more efficiently than we could do them ourselves. But when it comes to creating content—especially long-form content like articles and books—it's not so clear that AI can be a replacement for writers.

I mean, sure, it's cool technology. But what does it mean for the internet to be filled with literature written by AI? What kind of future are we building if all of our content is coming from machines? And what does this mean for engineers who want to build a future in which they are optimistic?

This article and featured image were made using AI exclusively. Only these two sentences were human authored.