Wolfe's Den


This website is a digital homestead to showcase my work, upcoming exhibitions or shows, a repository of seemingly random material I find and my thoughts.

I'm an African-British creative with a background in Engineering specifically Mechatronics. I'm based in Edinburgh and London though I find myself travelling frequently for work and shows. Since leaving school early to study in Canada, I took a huge interest in the state of not just the digital world but the natural world as well. You'll find me tending to my solarpunk'ist greenhouse as much as you'll find me advocating for digital privacy.

More recently, I find myself involved in a lot of grassroots projects, helping to equip people with the tools and resources so they can build a brighter, greener future for themselves.

In this little place on the web, you'll also find some thoughts of mine on matters I think about, (read: a slightly less crazy version of talking to myself) in particular, on Stoicism, Cybersecurity and Innovation.

This site alternates between being hosted on a solar server and a renewably powered hosting platform.